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How to Cancel Semrush Subscription + Trial in 2023 [Step by Step]

If you are in the SEO Industry, You will definitely hear about Semrush, or atleast you might listen to one of the famous SEO jokes about how to pronounce Semrush.

Semrush was created as SEO Software and now helps most companies in the world as an all-in-one digital marketing software which is used for keyword research, position tracking, know organic traffic insights, backlink gaps between competitors, keyword gap, backlink audit, site audit, local SEO, advertising, social media, content marketing and much more in future.

Why Should you cancel your Semrush subscription?

You may be in thought of cancelling your Semrush subscription. Here’s the Common Reason People unsubscribe from Semrush

  1. You got subscribed to the wrong Semrush plan and want to cancel your current plan subscription.
  2. You think Semrush is very expensive for you, but due to its recent feature additions, they have increased its pricing.
  3. You got another SEO Tool already, like this Semrush alternative, i.e. Ahrefs or Ubersuggest, and it is working fine for you in your budget, and you don’t need another.
  4. You tried using the free trial and are unsatisfied with it.
  5. Semrush is not only giving features for SEO but also PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Lead Generation and more. If you think you need a tool for only SEO, you can cancel. So you can save some budget.
  6. You are not involved in Online Marketing Campaigns.

Semrush Cancellation Policy

Before Cancelling your Semrush Subscription, You have to read this Cancellation and Refund Policy of Semrush.

  1. You can cancel your Semrush Subscription at any time.
  2. Generally, cancellations take effect when the pre-paid period ends or when the free trial or free subscription ends within 7 days of receiving the request, provided that the request is made correctly.
  3. Semrush will confirm the cancellation of your subscription within 3 Business Days of receiving your request for cancellation.

How to Cancel Semrush Subscription or Trial

You can cancel the Semrush subscription in three ways. Here we can see how

1) Via Email

You can cancel your Semrush Subscription by sending a request to customer service via mail.

Send mail to this Semrush Customer Service Email Id:

It is recommended to use the same email address to send a cancellation request which you used to subscribe to Semrush.

Here are the details you need to add to your cancellation request email.

1) Last 4 Digit of your Credit Card Number
2) Your Credit Card Type
3) Your Last Payment Date
4) Billing Amount

They may ask you for more details to verify and also to prevent abuse.

2) Via Website

1) Login to your account

2) Click Profile -> Subscription Info

3) Click on the Active Button and Select Contact Us to Contact the Semrush team

4) Fill in the details they ask on that page

5) Select “I want to cancel my SEMrush account” Option

6) Click the Drop Down Button and Choose the reason for the cancellation of your Semrush account

7) Type in the below details

  • Last 4 Digit of your Credit Card Number
  • Your Credit Card Type
  • Your Last Payment Date
  • Billing Amount

8) Hit Submit

That’s all.

3) Via Phone Call

Call this Toll Free Semrush Customer Care mobile number (1-800-815-9959) to Cancel your Semrush Paid Plan Subscription. They are available from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.

How to Downgrade your Semrush Account?

Semrush has three subscription plans. They are Free, Pro and Guru. You can upgrade and downgrade anytime you want.

Here’s the answer to how to downgrade your Semrush Account

To Downgrade your Account, You need to contact and request the Semrush support team. You can do this anytime, and it has no limitations. But, You will lose the current project in your account.

Semrush Refund Policy

Semrush offers a seven-day money-back guarantee. Semrush will refund your prepaid fees within 30 days of receiving your written cancellation request in accordance with this Policy. Any bank fees and charges are your responsibility. A refund will be processed the same way as the original payment.

What happens to my Semrush Account if I cancel my Semrush Subscription?

You can access Semrush free account, and Semrush will save your old projects for 30 days, so if you paid for a subscription again, you could access the project in 30 days, or it will be deleted.

Can I continue with a Free Semrush Account?

Yes, You can continue with the Free Semrush Account after cancelling your subscription.

How can I Delete my Free Semrush Account?

To delete your free Semrush account, you must send a request to the Semrush Support Team at

Semrush Alternatives

The Alternatives to the Semrush are

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Moz
  3. Ubersuggest
  4. Serpstat
  5. SE Ranking


I hope this will be helpful for you.

Let me know your thoughts in the below comment.


1) Will I Get a Refund if I Cancel My SEMrush Subscription?

Yes, You can get your refund. If you cancel within 7 days of the subscription

2) Do I Really Need to Cancel a Free Trial Run of SEMrush?

If you don’t like this tool or if you think it is costly, you can cancel your subscription

3) Will I Need to Explain Why I Want to Cancel SEMrush?

Yes, They will ask you some questions. I stated that in the above article

4) Can I Reuse My Bank Card to Open Another SEMrush Account?

No, you can’t. They will track your card number. So it is best to use another card for another Semrush account.

5) How do I remove my credit card from Semrush?

To Remove the credit card from Semrush, follow the above given steps

6) How long is the free trial for Semrush?

It is for 7 Days.

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