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How to Add Subtitles to a Video in Canva

Step 1: Start by heading over to Canva, a fantastic platform for all your design needs. Search for the templates

enter canva and search for template

Step 2: Once you’re on Canva’s homepage, it’s time to choose a template that suits your project. Take your time browsing through the wide variety of templates they offer. Pick the one that resonates with your creative vision.

choose instagram reels template from canva

Step 3: With your template selected, now it’s time to add your video. Find the frame you want to use and insert your video into it. This is where your content comes to life!

select the frame and insert your video

Step 4: To make your video even more engaging, you can add subtitles. Choose a font style that complements your video’s theme and start entering the subtitles. Make sure they sync perfectly with the dialogues in your video.

select the font style and start entering the subtitle that sinks with your dialogues

Step 5: This step allows you to unleash your creativity! You can change the font style, experiment with different colors, and add effects to make your subtitles stand out and enhance your video’s visual appeal.

Step 6: Now, after all the creative adjustments, it’s time to save your masterpiece. Canva allows you to save your video in MP4 format, which is great for sharing and playback.

download in mp4 format

Step 7: Congratulations! You’ve completed the process. Your video with beautiful subtitles is ready to be enjoyed by your audience. That’s all there is to it. You’re done!

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