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How To Cancel Active Campaign Subscription in 2023 [Guide]

How To Cancel Active Campaign Subscription in Few Steps

Step 1: Click your name in the bottom left corner of your screen, then click “Billing & Upgrade” on the dropdown menu.

billing & upgrade active campaign

Step 2: On the Billing page, find and click the “Cancel my account” option.

select cancel my account - active campaign

Step 3: If prompted, follow the instructions to schedule a free 1-on-1 session with a Success team member. If not required, you can optionally schedule the session or click “Yes, Cancel My Account.”

Step 4: For those who clicked “Yes, Cancel My Account,” select the reason you want to cancel from the dropdown menu. You’ll have another chance to schedule a session, or click “No thanks, I want to cancel.”

Step 5: Click the “Cancel Account” button to confirm cancellation.

Step 6: A confirmation message will appear – click “Yes” to verify account cancellation. That’s All.


I hope you this guide on how to cancel active campaign subscription is helpful for you.

Let me know you suggestions in the comments.

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